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apink’s showtime episode 5

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happy birthday yookyung!
my dearest milky babe ♡ to be honest, i miss you soooo much. i miss your cute laughs, your lovely voice, just everything about you. you do post selcas every once in a while, but it’s not the same… i hope you are doing well wherever you may be, whatever you may be doing. just remember that we pink pandas are still here for you. we all love you so so so much! we wait for the day all seven of you lovelies are on the stage together, doing what you all enjoy the most. that one time you went to visit eunji at her musical and even getting her that present… relieved me for the most part because it confirmed that you guys all still kept touch and are still really close friends. or that time when apink won 1st place for mr. chu and namjoo said “i love you yookyung unnie” just goes to show you guys still love each other so much and i’m satisfied. you are such a wonderful person, spreading your wonderfulness to everybody around you… i hope to see you on screen sometime… i love you baby girl!!! happy birthday!!! 


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Choi Siwon, ladies and gentlemen

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1 / ♥♥♥ edits of the lovely A Pink

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don’t be sad, you’re not alone.

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Bomi letting her sunbae get 3pts at the end of the fight ©